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Connect with your audience

As brilliant as your product or service may be, it is meaningless if it isn’t understood.

You may think you’ve got your marketing material all squared away, but does your audience have the level of understanding needed to make use of what you are offering?

If you’re not reaching the sales targets you believe are possible, maybe you’re just not connecting with the audience you are targeting.

Remember how to talk straight

One day, some time in the early 90’s, the world went digital. Almost literally, overnight. And nobody said a word about it.

Nobody actually taught us how to use it. We just muddled our way through as we went along.

Suddenly the English language transformed into a cacophony of jargon. Not just technical jargon either. Sales and marketing processes also became stuffed with acronyms and abbreviations, enough to make your brain momentarily freeze while it tries to fathom out what’s just been said.

We learned this strange new language because everyone around us was also speaking it. Every sector in the business world suddenly became, or acted as if it were, fluent in jargon.

That is, every sector except one.

Micro-business owners may be the only straight-talking business people left in the UK.

As there are 4.5 million micro-businesses registered, this could be an amazing opportunity for any business willing to engage them. But, if you genuinely want to connect with this sector, you’re going to have to remember how to talk straight.

Don’t sell. Educate

There are good reasons why this huge sector doesn’t speak jargon. Frankly they haven’t had the time to mess around with it. They’ve been too busy single-handedly running businesses.

But now, we’re in a bit of a pickle.

At 76% of registered businesses in the UK, they are, by far, the biggest sector. They are also the least tech-savvy.

Technology offers great opportunities for their growth, and for you as a tech service provider. But you’re going to need to change your strategy to get on the same wavelength.

It’s time to put your marketing blurb to one side, and focus on educating.

So, how do you do that?

Micro-business owners are trend resistant

If you look at all the latest statistics in marketing trends you’ll read that video explainers are in, and PDF’s are out.

That’s fair enough, to a point.

The problem is, micro-business owners are not trend-setters. By some estimations, as many of 50% still don’t have websites! So, how far is your short, punchy, trendy video explainer going to get you there?

The fact that so few have adopted technology, however, is not necessarily an outright refusal to get-on-board. The simple fact is that many, without the benefit of training or colleagues to help, just don’t understand what’s really being offered. And they don’t have the time or budgets to make mistakes.

This provides companies who are prepared to invest in solid educational material a phenomenal opportunity. Believe it or not, if you can capture the imagination of the micro-business sector, even though it’s nearly 30 years since the arrival of the Web, you will be an early adopter!

And now, is the right time to make your move.

Today the whole world seems crazy. Lockdowns, employment bloodbaths, Brexit… these are turbulent times. And the micro-business sector, already at 4.5 million is growing.

Both in size and desperation.

Now is the time to leave the jargon behind and start teaching.

Don’t teach products or services, teach processes

If you look at the standard model of the ‘buyers’ journey’, it splits it into three stages;

  • The Awareness stage, when someone is aware that they have a problem and is looking for general information to help solve it.
  • The Consideration stage, where they understand the problem and are considering their options to deal with it, and
  • The Decision stage where they are actively looking for the exact solution that’s right for them.

When it comes to micro-businesses you need to position yourself at the earliest possible stage of the Awareness stage. They do know they have a problem. But right now, they would struggle to articulate what it is.

They are absolute beginners. Not only in what your product or service can offer, but in how it fits into their day-to-day operations.

It helps to remember when you first had to learn something new that appeared daunting and perhaps even terrifying.

So to create great tutorials and guides;

  • Put yourself in their shoes
  • Assume nothing and start from the very beginning
  • Use images and illustrations
  • Keep them easy to read and jargon-free

PDF is dead? Oh, please!

PDF is an educational stable. It doesn’t matter that the majority of people surf the Web on their phones. Tutorials you create will not be for surfing through, they will be for studying.

If you are studying a new topic, especially one that you are a little afraid of, then printing out a document you can lay out in front of you can go through step-by-step, will never become obsolete.

Tutorial and Guide creation service

Having worked with hundreds of micro-businesses over the course of 30 years, I have developed a knack for helping them understand complex topics.

As someone with a love for Web technology, and the spirit of business owners, writing guides and tutorials for absolute beginners is one of my favourite tasks.

Completed projects are as long as they need to be to walk the reader through from absolute beginner to confident starter.

They can include original graphics and illustrations to ensure that each point is easily understood through whichever learning style the reader prefers.

Lead time

How long it takes to create a tutorial can range from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the complexity of your topic.

If the project involves a full tutorial on how your product or service works, then I would require full access to the app.


The complete project can be presented to you as text only, in Word format, for you to use your own graphic designer, or with images included, with a final presentation in both Word and PDF format.


Prices start from £1,200

The first 3 images are include free of charge, with additional images ranging from £50 each.

Payment terms: 50% deposit is payable upfront, with balance due upon completion.

Contact me today to brainstorm how together we can engage the vast micro-business sector.